Meta-Heuristic Algorithm for Capacitated Arc Routing Problem

This is one of course research project from CS302 Artificial Intelligence, in which we are tasked to sovlve the Capacitated Arc Routing Problem. I reproduced a state-of-the-art memetic algorithm in one paper [1].

[1] Tang, K., Mei, Y., & Yao, X. (2009). Memetic algorithm with extended neighborhood search for capacitated arc routing problems. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 13(5), 1151-1166.

Yidong Fang
Yidong Fang
Software Engineer

Yidong Fang get his bachalor degree in Computer Science from Southern University of Science and Technology. During Undergrad, he has done some intensive research work in Computer Science during his intern in UCLA and Tencent. He has also interned at Dell EMC during his graduate study in UW-Madison. He is currently an experienced software engineer at Bloomberg L.P..