Slack is a collaboration tool now adopted by many software developers for intra-team messaging, sharing files, and aggregating communication from different tools. Team conversations are organized in open channels per topic or anything worth of a focused conversation. Slack messages posted to a public channel are visible to the entire team.

Social Network Graph

In this project, we developed a web application that allows users to analyze and visualize social networks built upon Slack conversations content. Users of the application are able to view the social network graph, fetch detailed infomation between two nodes(people) in the graph, get their emotion score and see a summary of the topics of one channel.

I, as a team leader, am in charge of software architecture design, progress orgnization and front end developing.

Yidong Fang
Yidong Fang
Software Engineer

Yidong Fang get his bachalor degree in Computer Science from Southern University of Science and Technology in China and master’s degree in Computer Sciences in University of Wisconsin-Madison in United States. He is currently an experienced software engineer at Bloomberg L.P..