GNU Privacy Guard based Instant Message Client

In this project, we developed an instant message JAVA application based on IMAP protocol and GPG encryption.

Application Features:

  • Fully featured GUI
  • Contact list and management
    • Add/Edit contact from public key file or public key server\
    • Search a public key on a key server
  • Upload the public keys configured in the setting
  • Setting and contact list encryption
  • Single person chat
  • GPG key generator
  • GPG secured configuration

As a team leader, in this project, I am in charge of the GPG encription part and GPG key service part.

For more details and screenshots please refer to my github repo here.

Yidong Fang
Yidong Fang
Software Engineer

Yidong Fang get his bachalor degree in Computer Science from Southern University of Science and Technology in China and master’s degree in Computer Sciences in University of Wisconsin-Madison in United States. He is currently an experienced software engineer at Bloomberg L.P..